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May 26, 2020
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Don't Know If You Want To Buy An RV Yet? Rent One First

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For many people, it is considered too expensive to own an RV camper. Many people cannot afford the costs of purchasing and maintaining one. The recent alternative to buying an RV camper is to rent one instead and it has become a very popular and affordable option for the average consumer.

The RV camper rental company of Cruise America has been in business since 1972 and is still going strong. They are a family owned firm that began as the brainchild of Robert Smalley Sr. The main headquarters are in Mesa, Arizona with eighteen stores and over 130 dealer outlets across the United States.

Cruise America offers class C RV campers that are built in Elkhart, Indiana by the Four Winds International Corp. Their recent achievements include completing their 25,000 motorhome in April of 2004. When this occurred, Cruise America unveiled a new line of RV rentals that feature well-known sites and landmarks that capture the "Spirit of America".

Cruise America offers various types of RV campers for rent. They offer a compact RV camper that is something that only Cruise America offers. This choice includes a pick-up truck that is easy to operate, yet powerful. This pick-up is attached to a motorhome coach that comes with many excellent features, such as a kitchen equipped with a microwave, a dining area, living area and queen size bed cabover. The bathroom is located at the rear of the coach. This RV camper is recommended for four people, and comes in lengths of 22' to 24'.

The large RV camper is most people's idea of a conventional motorhome. Most of these models come with a reliable and powerful generator, and has the room to sleep as many as seven people. They have all the typical conveniences of motorhomes, and come in lengths of 28' to 30'.

The Trailer RV camper is something new for Cruise America. It gives you the opportunity to tow a vehicle for a lot less than it would cost to rent one. This choice also comes with a generator and will accommodate as many as five people. It is a great choice for those smaller weekend getaways because it is so economical and easy to use.

The Fun Mover RV camper is a unique way to camp and also bring your various sport vehicles or other items you need for camping. It includes a roomy storage area in the back and a separate area in the front that is designated as the living area with all the comforts of a home away from home. There is also an option for those that need an RV camper that is ADA accessible. This type of RV camper has many features to make a wheelchair bound person comfortable such as wider doorways and a power lift.

Renting an RV camper from Cruise America is a great way to experience the joys of camping without all the expense and maintenance.


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