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March 4, 2020
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Choosing a Dining Room Set - Some Key Questions to Consider

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Choosing a dining room set can be a fun decision to make and can involve the whole family. A dining room set is likely to be the centerpiece of your dining room or space, so choosing a dining room set carefully will help to make the most use of your space and decor. There are a plethora of different dining room sets available nowadays to match anyone's house decor.

Here are some considerations to make when choosing a dining room set for your home.

* How many people should the table seat?

This is probably the first question you will tackle when considering what dining room table to purchase. Dining room tables can seat anywhere from 4 to more than 12 people. It will depend largely on your space and how many people are in your family. If there are six people in your family, and you have the space, then you will likely want to have a dining room set that will seat at least six people.

Many dining room tables come with drop leaves that can add surface space to your dining room table and increase the number of people that can be seated. Some dining room drop leaves will increase the amount place from 4 to 8 people easily. If you often have guests over for dinner, then you may consider getting a dining room set that offers this feature.

* What type of decor would be match?

Is your home modern with stainless steel appliances, glass shelves, and a clean look? Or is your home more French country with white cupboards and a more rustic feel? For a more modern home, you may look at sleek tables and matching high back chairs; or perhaps, a glass dining table with wrought iron chairs and cushions are more your style. If you have a more traditional home decor, then you may want to choose a dining room set that has carved legs and a homey feel with patterned cushions that match your window curtains.

* How much space do you have?

If your dining room only has space for a 4-person table or if you only have a breakfast nook to work with, then could you incorporate seating elsewhere? Would round table work better in your space so that you can buy extra seating for company, even if they may be a little cramped? Or can you work with a 4-person squared dining table because you can buy matching bar stools so that company can sit at the breakfast bar nearby?

* Do you want a timeless piece?

Timeless pieces of furniture work well with any era and can look nice with home decor for years to come. While you may be drawn to the trends of today, will your dining room set still look great years later? If you care about getting a piece that will look great regardless of the era, then try to avoid flashy pieces that are on display at big name furniture stores, rather look for pieces that you have seen in other homes or restaurants that you have always been drawn to. These are the types of pieces that will remain timeless.


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